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We help our clients define the image they want to convey.


Working together define your value proposition, the differentiator over your competition, you answer the question. Why do I have to buy from me? Responding adequately to this question defines your brand. Creatively communicate online and off line, we use all available tools at the moment to get visivility.


Communication with our customers is “one to one” equal partner grasps the concept and presented the project. We study your requirements in Digital Marketing to retrieve personal ties with customers, especially in the age of social media, where every opinion is multiplied virally and significantly affects the image of the brand.  Menta Creativos – Presentación

We research, create and communicate the concept of your company or institution.


We are an independent study of creativity, graphic design and strategic brand consulting on / off. We are to establish positive relationships with its customers. From traditional marketing to communication networks 2.0. our goal is to add value to your company. 



  • Analysis of communication needs.
  • 2.0 Strategy on line.
  • Social networks.
  • Press Office (offline, online).



  • Advertising Campaign (offline, online)
  • Branding.
  • Creating Brand Identity
  • Manual corporate indentity
  • events



  • Webs Corporativos
  • Motion graphics
  • Web 2.0
  • Webs de producto / Promocionales.
  • Newsletters E-mailing Blogs



  • Annual Reports.
  • Presentation catalogs.
  • Newsletters external and internal
  • books, posters, editing and layout,
  • direct marketing

We believe in the strategic use of design, it shapes the exterior image of companies and either adds value to the company or takes it away.


We know that nowadays people have the ability to love a brand or enhance it.  We are here to build on that. 

We support our customers in new markets intelligent. We rely on communication in one to one interaction with our customers to develop projects and relationships. The resulting synergies and give added value to projects stronger, thanks to this mutual understanding can go a lot further. Networking is an essential part of our philosophy. The study was set up with the idea of offering a creative and interactive communication between customers.

We believe that new technologies do not exist distances to work globally. Creative Mint grows with selected professional teams, photographers, illustrators, designers, filmmakers, journalists, producers, webmaster … for each specific project. Our current customers and multinational SMEs with growth potential, will generate wealth and employment.


A nuestro alrededor, en las calles, en todo lo que leemos, en nuestros cuerpos,

nos rodea una gran variedad de información visual.

Desde siempre el hombre se refleja al exterior y se muestra consciente o inconscientemente tal y como es. Una empresa es una constante y enorme emisora de información. En la sociedad la empresa o institución se comunica en primer lugar a partir de sus señas de identidad. Cuidar , planificar, posicionar estas señas de identidad para generar imagen corporativa tanto interna (cartas, sobres..) como externamente (informes anuales, packaging ..) significa poseer un buen programa global de Identidad corporativa que sustentará con solidez la imagen de una compañía.

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