Cat dealer SA The company complies Fifty Years Close and Successful Relationship Caterpillar scam .
The world’s largest maker of equipment for earthmoving begins his adventure 1930 Caterpillar In 1963 , the company provides distribution of its products in Spain , including sales staff, since the relationship that develops between them leads to the expansion throughout the national territory contributing to the development of the Country .

From the smallest to the biggest business divisions are diversified in Machine Works , Mining and Construction and Energy Systems ( industrial engines, marine and generator sets ) .One competitive advantage is the after-sale service , maintenance and repair , training in new technologies and its national network of branches .

This celebration of the 50th Anniversary Union wants to reflect the evolution and uninterrupted service they have offered to their customers for more than three quarters of siglo.Este important ito begins with creating a brand that reflects this union and Mark graphic desarroyo positive, negative versions . Unfortunately Mark was not approved.

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